Written in 2019, Clouds is composed for Primary School choirs. It is currently for Unison and Piano. Clouds is about the shapes that make pictures in the sky. The children have the option of roaring like a lion and trumpeting like an elephant!

Look into the sky and you will see right before your eyes

There are shapes in lots of swirls, that make all sorts of pictures.

You might see a kangaroo, you might see a peacock or two,

Or a lion escaped from the zoo. (Roar)

Dreaming of a world, in lots of swirls you can escape into,

A magic castle or just a sunset of reddish hue.

You might see a cockatoo, you might see a tiger or two,

Or an elephant playing kazoo (Trumpet).

La di da di da, di da di da, you can escape into,

A magic world that’s in your imagination.” Sherelle Eyles

Key          D major

Range     D to D an octave higher

Tempo    Moderate triple time

Length    1′ 30″

Score sample

Audio sample