Emu from Animal Songs is a jazzy  and lively fun song for Primary school aged children. The emu is having a race with a kangaroo! Find out who wins the race! Composed in 2018, it is the brand new addition to the Animal Songs for children series. It is composed for SA and piano and has simple 2 part harmony throughout.

Running down the plains I see your long legs racing,

Your long legs racing and your big wings flapping.

But in the distance there’s a kangaroo chasing,

Down the straight he comes, his long tail bouncing.

Emu, kangaroo, who’s the fastest of the two in the desert?

The emu has the advantage, the longest legs in the country!

He leads the way with his flapping, But will the kangaroo catch him?

Emu, kangaroo, who’s the fastest of the two in the desert?

Bounce, bounce bounce goes the kangaroo

He is catching up to the emu,

Boing, boing, boing, he is hot in pursuit!

Who will win, who will win the dispute? …. Sherelle Eyles

Key          G major

Range     D to Bb

Tempo    Fast and lively with a swing rhythm

Length    1′ 50″

Score sample Emu – SA p1

Audio sample

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