Shiver of Sharks

Composed in 2015 for Primary School choirs, Shiver of Sharks is a humorous look at the ‘dog eat dog’ world of the Animal Kingdom with a jazzy ‘safari’ style harmonic bass and accompaniment.

Shiver of Sharks suits Primary School age children Grade 2 to Grade 6. The lyrics of this song teaches the names of collective nouns of groups of animals, (e.g. a gaggle of geese, and an army of ants) matching the National School Curriculum. This programmatic piece explores carnivorous and herbivore animals on land and sea.

This piece teachers characterization and expression and unison singing techniques. It is the ninth song in the Animal Songs for Children Choral Series. This piece is suitable for Concerts with animal or wildlife themes, Environmental Workshops, Eisteddfods and Festivals.


“A Murder of Crows and a Skulking Fox

Chased a Mob of Emus past a Float of hungry Crocs!

A Wisdom of Wombats said to a Gaggle of Geese,

“Run as fast as you can, or they’ll have a feast! ….


Could a Prickle of Hedghogs or the Hummingbirds Charm

stop an Ambush of Tigers and their calculated calm?

Could a whole Tribe of Monkeys and an Army of Ants

tempt carnivorous animals with tastings of plants???”…  Sherelle Eyles


Tempo – Carnivalesque and Lively

Key – D minor

Range – Middle C to Eb a tenth above

Score sample page 1 – shiver of sharks

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