Sleep Song Lullaby

The words of this lullaby are based on the lovely historic poem written by the Australian poet Maurice Furnley (1881-1942) entitled ‘Sleep Song’ from his ‘Bay and Padie Book Kiddie Songs (1918).’ It is from the Australian Poets series of choral songs and is suitable for Primary School aged children. It is available either in SA & piano or Unison & piano. This arrangement has blending harmonies and lyrical melodies with easy words to memorise. It teaches harmonic blending, question and answer, echo effects and unison singing.

‘Sleep Song’ was featured as a mass choir event at the Combined State Schools Choral Workshop, Townsville & District State Schools, June 2013 

Bay and Padie

“Half past bunny time,

‘Possums by the moon;

Tea and bread-and-honey time,

Sleep-time soon.

Things that poets pant to see,

The beautiful, the true,

Are nothing to the phantasy

The closed eyes view.” Maurice Furnley

Duration –  2’35”

Tempo  – Moderately fast, gently rocking

Key – Bb major

Range – Bb below middle C to D above high C


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