Stradbroke Island Holiday (completed 2018) is a description of a seaside holiday for SA and Piano. It describes the amazing creatures in the sea that we saw looking down over the headland of Stradbroke Island on holidays, and is suitable for children from Grade 2 and up. It is a melodious and lyrical song with lovely harmonies. Stradbroke Island is located just off the coast from Brisbane.

On the headland of Stradbroke Island, we went for a walk today.

The rock formations and cliffs were spectacular along the way!

But by far the most amazing thing were the creatures in the sea!

Plentiful and playful, the way they’ve always been.

There were tiger sharks in the water, Turtles that came up to breathe.

Jelly fish were bobbing along and mantra rays swimming gracefully.

There were schools of fish in colourful swirls making patterns in the sea

and jumping up in the water, the way they’ve always been.

On the way back up to the headland, we saw kangaroos on the street.

Had ice-creams overlooking the sea and an afternoon swim at the beach.

But by far the most amazing thing were the creatures in the sea.

A holiday at the seaside is where we like to be…. Sherelle Eyles

Key          F major

Range     D to D an octave higher

Tempo    Moderato

Length    2’55″”

Score sample  Stradbroke Island Holiday – SA Full Score p1

Audio sample