Where was the Moon?

Where was the Moon? (2014) is an inspirational song for SA primary or secondary school choir and piano.

Where was the moon in a darkened sky,

its silver light to guide me on my way?

Where were the stars shining down on me,

So beautiful in every way.

And then the sun brightens up the day,

and gives me strength to journey on my way.

The world is so beautiful in many different ways.

Its a brand new day!

This song is suitable for all age groups from middle Primary to secondary school and massed choir events. It teaches, harmonic blending, unison singing, imitation and explores the dynamic range of the voice.

  • Key  – F major (Bb)
  • Range – Middle C to high D
  • Length – 2 mins 45 sec
  • Tempo – Moderato

Score Sample –  Full Score Sample

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