Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes (2021) is suitable for upper Primary School and lower High School age children.

A wind chime with five cylinders or bells represents the five elements of life: metal, earth, water, wood and fire. The chords and thematic fragments were inspired by the bell-like sounds of the percussion instrument. In the 18th Century, wind chimes were tuned to the Aeolian mode, as Aeolus was ‘God of the Winds.’ Wind chimes were used to bring happiness and good fortune to the residence and are said to balance life’s energy.

Wind Chimes teaches harmonic and unison singing, question and answer techniques and explores the vocal and dynamic range of the voice. It is available for SA and piano, and is suitable for Concerts, Assemblies, Eisteddfods and Festivals.

 “Wind chimes sounding in the breeze bring joy and clarity.

Earth brings kindness, wisdom and growth, grounding energy.

Water is cleansing and vital to life.

Wood brings wellness and gratitude.

Fire will balance life’s energy, five bells ring sweetly.

These are the elements of life …” Sherelle Eyles

Key             Aeolian Mode on D

Range        Middle C to D an octave above

Tempo       Flowing, resonant and bell-like, moderately fast

Duration   1’22”

Score sample 

Audio sample

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