A Little Story

A Little Story is an expressive children’s pianoforte miniature of Grade 1 standard, designed to show that different articulations produce a variety of musical characters.

Section A uses staccato and accents to create a happy, lively character. Section B uses sostenuto pedal technique, a legato touch and the minor mode to create a feeling of despair or sadness. The return of the opening theme at section C played forte expresses joy and excitement. Then, by using legato articulation in the major key, the final two bars are warm and expressive.

This piece has been chosen as the set piece for the Piano Solo Australian 9-10 years section of the Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod, 2013.

Duration – 1’00″

Tempo – Lively and Expressive

Key – C major

Difficulty – Suitable for AMEB Grade 1 Piano for Leisure


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