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Look to Hope (2022) is composed for SA and piano. The words encourage us to see the beauty of nature as an inspiration for hope. “Look to hope and you will see A world that’s full of beauty. Look to hope for a new day To make the world a better place. Like the petals […]

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Black Currawong Tango (2022) is a description of the native Australian Currawong and describes the beauty of nature as the sun rises. The underlying beat is a Habanera rhythm and whilst it is in C major it uses some jazz chords and flattened notes for effect. It teaches harmonic and unison singing, question and answer […]

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Wind Chimes

A wind chime with five cylinders or bells represents the five elements of life: metal, earth, water, wood and fire. The chords and thematic fragments were inspired by the bell-like sounds of this percussion instrument. In the 18th Century, wind chimes were tuned to the Aeolian mode or ‘God of the Winds.’ Wind chimes were used […]

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Butterfly (2021) describes a rainbow of colourful butterflies that are in the garden on a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This is a song of hope and the butterfly is a symbol of new life, making this song suitable for Easter services and other special occasions. Butterfly is composed for Primary School choirs. It is written for […]

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The Lorikeets and the Rainbow (2020) tells the story of beautiful Australian native Rainbow Lorikeets in a Bottle Brush tree. They are eating nectar from the flowers and then it rains and a rainbow appears. The Lorikeets and the Rainbow is composed for Primary School choirs. It teaches unison singing as well as echo effects. It […]

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Composed in 2017, Rain in the Mountains  is suitable for Advanced Primary, Secondary school students and Adult choirs. It is available in SA or SSA and piano. It is based on a poem by Australian poet, Henry Lawson.  “The Valley’s full of misty cloud, Its tinted beauty drowning, The Eucalypti roar aloud, The mountain frosts […]

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