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Butterfly describes a rainbow of colourful butterflies that are in the garden on a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This is a song of hope and the butterfly is a symbol of new life, making this song suitable for Easter services and other special occasions. Brand new in 2021, Butterfly is composed for Primary School choirs. It […]

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Brand new in 2020, Come Sing to the Lord encourages gratitude and helping one another. It is composed for Primary School choirs and is written for SA and piano. It has easy to learn words, a melodious tune, question and answer techniques and unison singing. “Come sing to the Lord, lift your voices high,For the […]

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The Lorikeets and the Rainbow tells the story of the lorikeets in the bottle brush tree. They are eating nectar from the flowers and then it rains and a rainbow appears. Brand new in 2020, The Lorikeets and the Rainbow is composed for Primary School choirs. It teaches unison singing as well as the soprano part […]

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Released in 2018, A Midsummer Noon in the Australian Forest is written for SSA or SATB and piano, and is suitable for Secondary school and adult choirs. Not a sound disturbs the air, There is quiet everywhere;Over plains and over woods What a mighty stillness broods! All the birds and insects keep Where the coolest shadows […]

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Newly released in 2020, Wattle Blossums is a description of the beautiful Australian native wattle tree in full blossum. The underlying message is that even when the wattle tree loses all its flowers, we remember its beauty from when it was in blossum. It is written for Unison, SA or SSA and piano and is […]

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Rainbows is a melodious and lyrical song that is a celebration of friendship. Newly released in 2020, Rainbows is currently for Unison or SA and Piano and suits Primary or Secondary children. It teaches harmonic blending and unison singing, and explores the vocal and dynamic range of the voice.  “Rainbows are so beautiful when you […]

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Clouds is about the shapes of animals that make pictures in the sky. The children have the option of roaring like a lion and trumpeting like an elephant! Brand new in 2019, Clouds is composed for Primary School choirs. It is written for Unison or SA and piano. “Look into the sky and you will […]

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Sydney Cove is a lively, upbeat song about the ships that sailed along the Coast of Eastern Australia bringing produce back to Sydney Cove in colonial times. It is from the Australian Destinations series and is currently for Unison or SA & Piano. It is suitable for Primary School children. It has easy-to-learn words and […]

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Emu from Animal Songs is a jazzy and lively fun song for Primary school aged children. In this song, an emu is having a race with a kangaroo! Find out who wins the race! Composed in 2018, it is the brand new addition to the Animal Songs for children series. It is composed for Unison […]

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The Peaceful Waterfall is a lyrical, melodic meditative song for Unison or SA and Piano. It was composed in September 2017 and is suitable for Primary school and lower secondary school children. “Water flowing down the hillside, crystal water, streams of blue, Icy cold and sparkling fresh, the sky a lovely azure hue. Flowers blossom […]

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Commissioned by Voices of Birralee and suitable for ANZAC day and Remembrance day, the words are based on the poem ‘A Soldier’s Cemetery’, by John William Streets (killed and missing in action on 1 July 1916, aged 31). As any Australian I am appreciative of the fact that there were young men who went to […]

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Composed in 2017, Rain in the Mountains  is suitable for Advanced Primary, Secondary school students and Adult choirs. It is available in SA or SSA and piano. It is based on a poem by Australian poet, Henry Lawson.  “The Valley’s full of misty cloud, Its tinted beauty drowning, The Eucalypti roar aloud, The mountain frosts […]

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Composed in 2016, Starfish is available in Unison or SA and piano, and is suitable for lower Primary school age children from Prep to Grade 6. It teaches harmonic blending and unison singing, has easy-to-learn words for younger children and explores the range of the voice. This piece was inspired by a trip to Lennox […]

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Remember Me

Christina Rossetti wrote her beautiful poem Remember (1849) when she was just a teenager. This arrangement was completed in 2016. It is composed for Unison or SA & Piano. It teaches, question and answer techniques, harmonic blending, unison singing and explores the vocal and dynamic range of the voice. Suitable for advanced primary school and secondary […]

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Shiver of Sharks

Composed in 2015 for Primary School choirs, Shiver of Sharks is a humorous look at the ‘dog eat dog’ world of the Animal Kingdom with a jazzy ‘safari’ style harmonic bass and accompaniment. Shiver of Sharks suits Primary School age children. The lyrics of this song teaches the names of collective nouns of groups of animals, […]

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Autumn (2015) is a celebration of a Queensland Autumn. Composed for Unison, SA or SSA & Piano from Advanced Primary to Secondary School students, Autumn is suitable for Assemblies and Parades, Eisteddfods and Choral Festivals. It teaches harmonic blending, question and answer techniques and contains some unison singing. Autumn, at sunrise, and the skies are so blue […]

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A Thousand Stars

A Thousand Stars is a description of the stars and universe. The underlying message is that each individual person is unique and we can achieve great things. We are like stars in ourselves that are part of a greater constellation. This piece was commissioned for the Pemulwuy Festival 2014 by Brisbane Boys Grammar, and is […]

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Byron Bay Sunrise

Byron Bay Sunrise  for Solo Piano Grade 1 level, captures the feeling of walking up to the lighthouse at Byron Bay, New South Wales, at sunrise. It requires a rounded singing tonal quality, relaxed hand position, and good shaping of phrases. Byron Bay Sunrise was composed for the ‘set piece’ section of the Enoggera Eisteddfod, Brisbane […]

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Black Currawong Tango

This piece is a characterization of the native bird and is reminiscent of its call. It is AMEB 4th Grade standard. Black Currawong Tango was a set piece of the Enoggera Eisteddfod, 2014.   Length                   1’21” Speed                     Moderato […]

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  Wattle is a programmatic Grade 6 level piece for solo piano capturing the image of the Wattle tree in full flower in Spring. The stunning yellow colour of the flowers combines with the flowing, swaying movement of the branches. Wattle was a set piece of the Enoggera Eisteddfod Brisbane in 2014. Duration – 2’38” Tempo – Flowing and […]

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