Barrier Reef

Barrier Reef – from the Australian Destinations Series, is a bouncy tune with words about fun things that children can do at the Barrier Reef like snorkeling, sailing, swimming and playing in the sand. Blow-up palm trees, bucket and spade, and beach umbrellas are essential on-stage props for this song! Barrier Reef  is one of our most popular songs. The words are easy to learn and memorise and it teaches simple harmonic blending, unison singing, imitation and echo effects.

Barrier Reef is suitable for Primary school choirs and is available in Unison or SA & piano. It works well as a massed choir piece.

I’d like to be where the sun and the sea meet the sky so blue, just me and you.Barrier reef widget

We’d go sailing too and we’d swim in the sea, the coral sea, on the Barrier Reef!

I’d like to go where the sea creatures know they can swim so free, in the coral sea.

We’d go snorkelling too and we’d play on the beach, just you and me on the Barrier Reef!

I’d like to stay where the palm trees sway in the tropical breeze, just you and me.

We’d go swimming too, and we’d play in the sea, the deep blue sea on the Barrier Reef!

Key                G major

Range           B below middle C to D above high C

Tempo          Fast and bright

Duration     1:55


  • Barrier Reef  was performed by Voices of Birralee Piccolos and Kids at the Cupcake and Cushion Concert,  2013
  • Forest Lake State School Junior Choir at Choral Fanfare 2013, a showcase of the state’s best state school choirs
  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in the Sydney McDonald’s Eisteddfod 2014, achieved the 5th highest mark at the event

Score sample  Barrier Reef SA – page 1

Video sample

Sung by Voices of Birralee, Brisbane

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